Community Sourced Capital Social Purpose Corporation
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A healthy financial system for communities

to fund the businesses they know and love

Community Sourced Capital stands for transparent, connected, healthy finance.

We wear our values on our sleeve

CSC is a Washington State Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) and a certified B Corp.

SPCs are for-profit corporations registered in Washington that aim for financial returns while promoting a positive impact on employees, the environment or the community. B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


Right-sized, reciprocal, generous

Community finance starts with a Square

Squares are $50 units of a larger loan to a community business, and Square by Square, these dollars add up. Squares are generous because they’re zero-interest loans and reciprocal because the business benefitting from the loan makes the community a better place!  


38,669 Squares have created almost two million dollars in capital for community businesses around the country.

Community Sourced Capital has a powerful impact on small businesses, communities and local economies




dollars loaned


jobs created



This isn’t donated capital. Loans get repaid, and reinvested.

30% repaid capital

Recycling capital in communities

Of all the capital that has been deployed to community loans via Squares since CSC made its first loans in early 2013, 30% has already been repaid by small businesses.

Share the news that local capital has a powerful impact in communities

Squareholders are the magic in the system

We’re awed by the power of the people who get hands-on with their money in their community.


We believe community finance works by giving people the power to fund the businesses they know and love. 90% of  CSC campaigns successfully fund.


6,309 Squareholders have taken an active role in financing local businesses in their community by deploying nearly $2M.

Hear what Squareholders and small business owners think about the power of community capital

It’s all about community

For most loans, over 80% of Squareholders live within 30 miles of a business or indicate they know this business. We call that connected capital.

80%+ connected capital

Squareholders are funding the world they want to live in


Small businesses are the engine of our nation’s economy

And access to capital is cited as the number one obstacle to growth by neighborhood businesses.


While the availability of larger loans for small businesses has recovered since the recession, the availability of affordable healthy loans under $100k continues to decline.


Community Sourced Capital has funded nearly 100 loans. In 2015 CSC loaned more in Washington State than the SBA microlending program.

This is about people having the power to fund the businesses they love

Our industry-leading 90% success rate for crowdfunding connected capital proves that people in communities want to be part of the solution to financing local business.

90% successfully fund


2015 total capital deployed to small businesses


2015 total capital for women and minority owned businesses


2015 total capital for food and agriculture businesses


2015 total capital for local manufacturing businesses

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We look at finance differently

Our lending system is based on three principles for capital:

Is it useful?

Will this capital be useful to a business and make it stronger or healthier?

Is it responsible?

Can this capital be responsibly borrowed and repaid by a business without compromising its future?

Is it connected?

Is the capital connected to a community purpose and will it benefit the community?

Community Sourced Capital


Over 6,319 people have funded 96 businesses in their communities with $1,933,450 creating over 150 new jobs


fund the world you want to live in

Will you help us spread the word about community finance?